Monday, December 29, 2008

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev

I know, I know...more chicken?
I'm sorry. It happens to be my Old Faithful. One can always rely on chicken.

I was slack with the picture taking on this one, though. Which is why there is no picture above.

I won't even really bother with posting the recipe, because it just wasn't that good. In fact, it was rather bland. You know, I'm getting tired of this bland business. Bland cake, bland chicken. Bland, bland, bland!
I'm overusing the word. Bad habit of mine.

Ok, let's get to cooking.
First, you take the butter, and pop it in the food processor for a bit, until it's all creamy. Then you add the lemon juice from half of one California-grown lemon.

Then, if you're Ivan, you sniff the lemon.
We like sniffing lemons around here.

You add the garlic and the parsley. Now, you spread it on a piece of foil in this general shape. Or really, any shape you feel like, as long as you get it on there.

Put the slab of lemon-garlic-parsley butter in the freezer while you prepare....The Chicken. (As always, I was waiting for it to thaw in a sink full of hot water.)
This is probably my least favorite part of cooking; waiting. Because waiting usually means I have the chance to clean up. And who wants to do that?
Not me.

So, once the chicken is thawed, pound it out with the trusty meat mallet.
Remove that green-flecked solid pale substance from the freezer and cut it into pieces. I should have taken a picture of these, because they looked very cool. At least, to me they did.

Roll the chicken around some pieces of frozen butter, and then poke a toothpick through the whole shebang to keep it together.
Dip the rolled-up bundle into the egg mixture, then roll it in the breadcrumbs.
Put them all in a pan.
And bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.

When they emerge, they will hopefully look better than this:

This is extremely dull without step-by-step pictures.
What fun is cooking without step-by-step pictures?! I've decided it's a necessary thing in the learning process.

If you have a killer good recipe for Chicken Kiev, hit me with it. I'm more than open.

Happy Cooking!

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